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The Basic Business Simulation Game is released under a creative commons license. It is used to experience-learn factory workers the effects on the business of break downs, shut down overruns, quality deviations and market changes.

Download the following three A4 pages and play it in groups of two:


Download: How Your Money Flows

How to give yourself a 300% increase by managing your discretionary income.

Download: Benico's Basic Accounting Course

These notes are the material that I used to teach accounting to small business owners who purchased accounting software from me, and had no idea of accounting principles and processes.

Download: The Flow of Money (high resolution png)

This diagram explains accounting in terms of the flow of money.

Download: Process Alpfa

Accelerated Learning Process For Adults is a framework to dramatically reduce the time in which adults can learn new stuff.

Download: Frikkie die Swart Renoster, en die Pouchers

Is a kids-audioplay about Rhino poaching, suitable for small children (After production, the audio will be available as an ogg vorbis file.)

Libdvdcss on Ubuntu 12.04

download: libdvdcss-1.2.13.tar.bz2

tar -xvf ./libdvdcss-1.2.13.tar.bz2 cd ./libdvdcss-1.2.13/ ./configure --prefix=/usr make sudo checkinstall sudo ldconfig

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